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Facebook Live Cake Painting Classes

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How to price your cakes with Tracey Mann 23rd April 2024 NEW LIVE

This is a BRAND new up to date live including up to date prices and work sheets plus things to look out for and money saving tips. If you have purchased this class before this is a NEW class.

There will be various downloadable spread sheets available that will help you price up your cakes. If you make cakes as a business or you are making cakes for friends you cannot afford to miss this class. The class will be held live on a Closed Facebook Group with Tracey which you will have access to afterwards. This is not a class for asking the price of a specific cake but to help you to understand how to cost your own cakes going forward. The lesson will be an hour and a half and you will have half an hour to ask questions afterwards or you may post a question onto the closed Facebook group before the live begins.

Once you have paid for the class, you will be sent an email containing a link to a group, you MUST ask to join this group as soon as you receive the email. I will then accept your request. Please note that we cannot access anyone onto the group once the live has commenced so its very important that you join BEFORE the class starts well in advance.

£ 15.00 GBP

Enquire about Paying via an Instalment Plan